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The aim of the National Digital Heritage Laboratory is to develop, in an inter-institutional partnership, a methodology for the processing, research, and education of national cultural heritage on the basis of ICTs, and to make it as widely available as possible. It aims to achieve this by developing best practices for the market exploitation of the methodologies and tools developed, as well as for the development of expertise. 


The main tasks of the national laboratory are: 

  • The development of language processing algorithms optimized for the Hungarian language will pave the way toward text-based educational, research, and market applications. 
  • The prioritized integration of Hungarian language corpora from beyond the borders into artificial intelligence-based services will overcome current disparities. 
  • It will provide more targeted, intelligent access to national cultural heritage for a wider range of users by making digital cultural heritage searchable. Accelerating the digitization process through AI tools, as well as machine voting of mass digitization results and automatic recognition of manuscripts, can multiply the amount of cultural content that can be widely used. 
  • The web development of research and innovation-relevant web resources of the Hungarian motherland and the Hungarian community beyond its borders, as well as the archiving and publication of born-digital materials, will save a highly valuable and at the same time endangered slice of Hungarian national culture. 
  • Joining international research networks, which previously operated without Hungarian participation, allows both a two-way flow of knowledge and the attraction of new funding and market resources.