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Collections in libraries, archives and museums have been at the heart of humanities research for centuries. However, with the current focus on data-driven research, data management plans and the research data lifecycle, in what ways do we need to think differently about cultural heritage collections as data? Inspired by the proclamation “cultural heritage data is humanities research data”, this year’s DARIAH Annual Event will seek to explore what this means in practice. What does it mean for cultural heritage institutions to provide access to their ‘collections as data’? Do we need to think of different workflows for digitised and born-digital datasets? Can we think of a humanities research data continuum?
These are only some of the questions we aim to explore at the 2023 DARIAH Annual Event. DARIAH is a European Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. Its mission is to empower scholarly communities with digital methods to create, connect and share knowledge about culture and society.


The location of DARIAH AE in 2023 is the Trefort garden campus, the home of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities. The campus is composed of several buildings designed by different architects and built in different architectural styles, such as Romanesque and Neo-Renaissance, making this complex a unique experience for visitors. Trefort garden is easy to approach since it is located next to Astoria, a busy place in Budapest city center, providing many options for public transport.

The Local organizer of the DARIAH AE is the Hungarian National Laboratory for Digital Heritage. Its aim is to develop, in an inter- institutional partnership, a methodology for the processing, research and education of national cultural heritage on the basis of ICTs, and to make it as widely available as possible in Hungary. It aims to achieve this by developing best practices for the market exploitation of the methodologies and tools developed and for the development of expertise.

You can download the program booklet here.